Thematics Residency: Come Together


Duration: September 17 till November 9, 2012

Artists in residence: Sara Manente, Rana Hamadeh, Delia Popa and Anca Mihulet

Introduction by Lilia Mestre and Elke Van Campenhout:

The Thematics series brings together artists and theorists with different backgrounds to work through a ‘theme’, a knotty problematic where different questions and practices meet and can be transformed through this encounter. What about potentialising this concept and focusing on the very act of coming together as the core of the residency? ‘Come Together’ aimed to discuss art and art practices under the current pressures and struggles of the contemporary market. During two months, all participants focused on the encounter of difference and on a hybrid myriad of media for change. All were interested in art practices that empower and potentialise another way of life. Practices that give visibility to the ‘not yet’ and sustain it as a source of autonomy and therefore criticality. We were thinking, proposing and dealing with practices that empower becoming as a fundamental potential, a means for an endless unfolding, practices that don’t produce a general truth.


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