Thematics Residency: – 18/ + 65 Politics of the An-aged


Duration: March 1 to April 30, 2011

Artists in residence: Marthe Van dessel / Bolwerk, Wendy van Wysnberghe, Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro /mmmmm

Introduction by Lilia Mestre:

As the curator of an artistic workspace that offers physical space in which artists can develop their work in a protective, cocooned environment I believe it’s relevant to think about how our presence and practice affects the immediate surroundings of Bains Connective. How do I as a person, the artists in residence, and the organization as a whole view the relationship with the ‘outside’, and are we willing to develop more out of it? Should more singular paths be developed? Should they be critical, hopeful, potentializing? What things should we be careful about?

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