Sitting With The Body / The Saturdays
FREE PRACTICE on Saturdays @ Bains Connective: 13/9, 20/9, 27/9, 4/10, 11/10, 18/10, 25/10 & 1/11 
For the practitioners of Sitting With The Body 24/7

Premiere @ Burning Ice Festival 2015 / Kaaitheatre] – as well as everybody else!

In the morning 11h – 12:30 – in the form of a class – the different body-practices, which form the basis of SWTB, will be shared.
These practices are a. o. sitting meditation, a basic chanting and asana practice, breath control, standing and walking meditation, movement improvisation.
In the early afternoon 13:30 – 15:30 there is a more in depth work. Special attention is given to the co-sitters, in order to develop movement material for the ten distinct choreographies, which the piece will consist of.
But once again, everybody is welcome to attend the practice in the morning as well as the work during the early afternoon!
Sitting With The Body 24/7, (conceived by radical_hope) is a retreat in public space. 

During one week and 24/7 a group of performers will execute a choreography for passers-by in the city.

In a space with display windows, like a shop or a gallery, they make choreographic images. These are based on eight simple movements everybody makes  without really paying attention to it: sitting, lying, standing, walking, making, dancing, seeing and speaking. Passing by, people can choose to stay outside or enter the space. They can watch or join the retreat shortly or for a longer while. The structure of the retreat is based on the slow course of day and night.
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