Plankton #47 open ended presentation after two month residency around the Thematics “Come Together”,
 a residency/gathering on different approaches of becoming community.

“Come Together” was initiated in a conversation with A. L. about the creation of an event / gathering between several artists, thinkers and art organizations to discuss art & art practices within the current pressures and struggles of our contemporary world.
We all in ‘Come Together’ focused on the encounter and on the hybrid as possible mediums for change. We were interested in art practices that empower and potentialize another life, that give visibility to the ‘not yet’ and sustain it as a source of autonomy and therefore criticality. We thought of practices that empower becoming as fundamental potential, as an unfolding of histories without an end, without aiming for a generalized truth.
Thematics ‘Come Together’ created environments to voice the difference as the common we all share, to place the multiple singularities as political potency, to bring bodies in relation to other bodies, to embody the body as power to affect and to be affected, to experiment, to play and to open up the field of ethics by the relation with the ‘other’, to take paradoxes as potentialities, to contaminate each others, to retake the sexual drive of the come together as a political drive.
Within this context and in collaboration with a.pass, Rits and Campo we organized several workshops that focused on the Schizophrenic Bodies to test the limits of the economy of our belonging and coming together. Interpreting a Schizophrenic Body as a body that simultaneously belongs to different time and space zones, different fields of experience or history, or a body in a synaesthetic space.


Friday November 9 2012 – 20:00
a.pass/de bottelarij
delaunoystraat 58, 1080 Molenbeek

Sara Manente (IT/BE) – “Two attempts to experience a sense of the common”

Delia Popa (RO) & Anca Mihulet (RO) – “Poli and Mano. Chapter II. An exploration of alter ego-ing in reference to marginality”

Rana Hamadeh (LB/NL) – “Tired Land // Alien Encounters”

followed by dj’s De Collega’s