Plankton #46

In September the Thematics “Come Together” started in BC, a residency / gathering concentrating on different approaches of becoming community, with Sara Manente (IT/BE), Delia Popa & Anca Mihluet (RO) and Rana Hamadeh (LB/NL) as guest artists.

This research residency is focusing on performative acts of “coming together” that challenge and propose critical ways of encounter. It wants to question, re-invent and re-value forms of communication and sharing.“Come Together “is created out of a desire to bring together art practices that manifest critical approach, alternative regimes of perception and engage the performers and the viewers into a sense of knowledge that is mostly experienced. A space of encounter not predestinated by the outcomes but by the directions and orientations that it encounters. A place for dissonance brought by different approaches and formats that can take place in varied forms.


Friday OCTOBER 19 2012 – 20:00
a.pass/de bottelarij
delaunoystraat 58, 1080 Molenbeek

Myriam Van Imschoot (BE) – “A sharing of voice practices”

Pieter De Buysser (BE) – “As for you, be fruitful and increase in number”: a session of nuclear fission for the stubborn

Swami Premodaya (USA): “Satsang”, a meeting with the spiritual master