LAB OUT + Lieux de l’Archive Presentation

LAB OUT + Lieux de l’Archive Presentation
Friday 28 February  from 11:00 till 16:00
 Bains Connective is partner of the exhibition LIEUX DE L’ARCHIVE that presents works from the students of Animation Film (Bac 2) and from the Multidisciplinary Atelier of Narration from ERG / Ecole de Recherche Graphique.
Tiphaine Leverne will present her work in Bains Connective
Our «Lieux de l’archive» do not contain objects. They are not spaces of storage, display or preservation — they are generative, but only when accessed and therefore activated.
What can we understand or frame as an archive?
This question was the starting point for our exhibition. Mappings, reflections and discussions encompassing the (im)possible definition of what could be called an “archive” have initiated a series of works. Rooted in very different practices, they literally aim to animate specific locations while interacting and moreover acting with and towards those various urban spaces.
«Lieux de l’archive» attempts to offer a (self-)experiment in production and reception alike.
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Lab Out:
The resident of February Mariana Santos will show the work with photography she developed during this month.