LAB-OUT 30/01, 31/01 & 1/02


Thursday 30th and Friday 31st of January from 17h00 – 20h00 & Saturday 1st of February from 15h00 -18h00.

Dilek Acay, installation

I am working on moving objects with motor and programming part. I try to get a certain shape or movement to make them real. I use different materials such as rope, animal hair or plastic forms. Now I am still experimenting with these mechanisms and they are still on progress; as so, you will see the progress, not the final result.

Chris Dupuis, installation

My current practice explores using choreographic/body-based practices as psychological triggers in the creation of written text. Incorporating elements of Somatic Practice, Authentic Movement, yoga, Pilates, and other disciplines, I explore various states of physical activation, release, and disorientation, and create written text while in those states. My work with Les Bains Connective marks the first stage of work on a new solo show Solo #2 (The Failure Show), the follow-up to Solo #1 (The Lonely Show) (premiere Beurschouwberg, Brussels, December 2013).

Alice Pamuk, installation

Presentation of three sound pieces created during the residency. Their starting point was the construction of an imaginary film soundtrack and its displacement from where it is usually aired, the cinema theatre, to an exhibition space dedicated to the visual arts. From there, different poetical relations between visual and audio have been explored, in close resonance with the place.