Happenings 2013


On Saturday, October 12 2013 the artistic workspace Bains Connective and the community center Ten Weyngaert join forces again for an afternoon and evening of dance, theater, music and more.

Theatre Space

“Charlotte Sera Presents” by abake and Tania Isabel Garduño Israde
Performance Installation 40’
I saw a comedy movie as a teenager and fell in love with the main character. As a college student I saw the same actress in a painful indie drama. I also fell in love with her. I concluded she must be the same person who just grew older, just as I did. For a long time I could hardly differentiate the fiction to the possible reality. I finally found her and she will come on the 12 Oct 2013 to tell you the story herself.
Charlotte Sera Presents, a performance by åbäke and Tania Isabel Garduño Israde in an environment created by Olivier Belleflamme, Francesco Sarao and Loraine Furter.

“Gradual Speed” by Els van Riel
16mm film (black and white (B&W)), 52minutes
A few years ago I started collecting images with the idea to pay homage to the slowly vanishing techniques of analog filmmaking. Now a series of these recordings makes ‘Gradual Speed’, a work on and for black and white 16mm-film seen as matter, and at the same time as a metaphor for everything

Bains Connective studios

From 17:00 till 20:00
“Kanttekeningen” by Wouter Krokart
Installation, on going
The residency will result in a performance that will be shown with the support of Bains Connective, on the 11th of October in the Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, and an installation that will be shown during the Happenings.

From 17:00 till 20:00
Hans Eelens, Grégoire Fettweis et Raquel Santana de Morais
Architecture: bureau de situations / On going

17:00 & 18:30
“alinea” by Adaline Anobile
Performance +/- 20 min
Both lines and surfaces affect our perception and space: they can divide space, establish locations, attribute meaning, and convey sensations and specific images – as for instance horizon, borders, objects, landscape. Although our experiences and thoughts affect what we perceive individually, in the context of performance, there is also a common and immediate experience. How do we determine what is present? To what extent is presence relative to the materiality of things?