Thematics Residency: MicroHistories


Duration: February 27 and April 20 2012

Artists in residence: Annu Pennanen and Stephan Querrec, Heinat Tuchman, Alessandra Coppola, Eleanora Solvani and Agency / Kobe Matthys

Introduction by Lilia Mestre

Thematics Micro Histories was a two-month research residency focusing on artistic practices that deal with art and ethnographic paradigms. Once again Thematics was concerned with artistic approaches directly related to field research and participatory practices, and art that is involved with the study of socio-cultural phenomena and situates it self as a co-actor in their re -construction.

All the projects used the local community as a work frame and related to different artistic, social and political concerns. The variety of interests was wide-ranging, from the observation of localities such as Saint-Josse-ten-Noode and the European Quarter, to the case of the former workers of the Renault Factory in Vilvoorde, private encounters dealing with intimacy and authenticity and the intellectual property re-visitations with the work of Agency.


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