wouter krokart : BC Happenings

Artist in residence from September 9 ’till October 31

After my studies in graphic design, I started working as a dancer and performer. Meanwhile I continued drawing.

Drawing and dancing are for a long time the two tools I use to sharpen my view on the world that surrounds me, and to share that view with others. Two means that are for me closely linked, but each with their research in different fields. In this particular project, I would like to reveal this connection between drawing and dancing, and at the same time respond to what divides them.

In both cases it concerns the development of a critical view on what surrounds me, and the translation of that view to the outside world.

This process is comparable to the game of a child. The game does not exist outside the reality but is embedded in it, like an island where own rules are applied and through which you can study the surroundings. It is a place where things can be taken out of their context in order to observe them more accurately, where certain elements can be effaced to shed a clearer light on others and to examine these more thoroughly, it is a place where elements can be confronted in a new way and where there is space to dream.

The result of this study will not be a dry analysis. I would like to take time for a movement, a space and the elements enclosed within, looking for beauty in all its simplicity. It is a personal view on things, some notes, drawings in the margin. And it is about shifting that margin.


Performance shown in Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats on the 11th of October at 19:00, in collaboration with bains connective. Installation presented in the frame of HAPPENINGS 2013 , October 12.

© image: Wouter Krokart