Born in Italy Vera studied classical harp at the Conservatory in Venice with Brunilde Bonelli and Daniela Colonna Romano, former harp players at the Fenice Teatre; she then obtained a degree in composition at the Conservatory in Mons, with mentors like Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Denis Pousseur and Claude Ledoux. Since 2007 she lives in Brussels, where, among other activities related to teaching and film production, she keeps practicing, performing and writing music. 
So far her compositions have been used both in Belgium and in Italy for short movies, web-documentaries, dance performances and music/film festivals (Festival VIA – Filmer à tout prix…). What interests her most, at present, is to search for new technics and sounds on the classical harp as well as to develop the binomial concept of destruction/reconstruction within music compositions.

in residence from
February 3 ’till February 28 – 2014

with Pierre Slinckx and Alice Tiezzi

He Dances

This is a project for a solo-dancer and music written for pedal harp and electronics; it aims at the reflection on the relationship between natural and repetitive gestures and their consequent, potential deterioration. Sounds and movements are built in an environment of repeated conflict between what is natural (i.e. acoustic sounds) and what is distorted from its own original status, and vice versa. The piece will then be composed of several smaller cycles of construction and de- construction – “body and sounds’ convulsions” – in a process of uncertain material development . The natural consequence of this demarche will be to go towards phenomenon such as saturation, complete silence or new series of repetition. The constant de-naturalization of the material, the abandonment of the ritual repetition and its rebirth in a new positive or negative form represent the core subject of this project.

” He dances ” is inspired by the work of Fausto Romitelli (Gorizia – Italy, 1963-2004 ) an Italian visionary avant-garde composer, who died recently.