Toon Fibbe employs tropes of performance to function as a tool for research. Through a performative exploration of characters – real or fictional, current or historical – he intervenes and enacts characters, gleaning material along the way. The driving force of his practice lies in thinking and writing through and acting and enacting of characters, these activities spawn objects, texts and dialogues.


At Bains Connective Toon will be working through the character of the spy. The spy as dealer in secrets, someone who codes and decodes information, whose identity is unclear and mostly appears to the world via a guise. The spy operates outside the everyday constraints of society playing a role in the regulation of the flow and distribution of information.
Through this character he’ll be looking at organisations taking on lobby strategies to promote the role of culture early in the process of policy making in the EU.  Organisations claiming “art has a fundamental role to play in society”, without clearly delineating what this role is while seemingly sitting comfortably with the view of culture as an economic stimulant. Fibbe will be exploring these organisations as a spy through the guise of an artist.