Sonia Si Ahmed (23 January 1973) (D/DZ) studied dance at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, where she graduated in 1999. After that she studied three months at the Cunningham Studio, NYC. She has been living in Belgium since 2000. Since then she has been working as a dancer in several projects with choreographers such as: Sonja Augart (“Utopien” 2001, “Test” 2003, “The freedom of misunderstanding chaos” 2004), Alexander Baervoets (“No copyright: Sad Songs, Silly Dances” 2005), Liesbeth Koot (Harsh, 2003), Vloeistof (“He watches a farewell scene” 2006, „je bent al bijna dood“ 2007), and others.

She has created solos for herself such as Timber (1999) and Zug (2004), a solo in a train station. In 2002 she made “Tempo” a choreography for three dancers based on speed and rhythm.

Together with Kasia Rausz, she has created “I saw you at the annual diving contest…” (2006), within the organization “Rubber Duck vzw”, that they co- founded in 2006. In 2007 she created the performance „Marshmallow“ for three dancers, 8 pieces of foam rubber and a roomful of newspapers, with the support of the Flemish Government.

She is currently working on a research project (since 2008) with Maya Dalinsky, in which the two explore power relationships in performance context. As a result from this research until now two performances have been developed: “The greater” (2011 / 2012), “Use and Discard” (2010).

In 2010 she started her project “Local Hero” with Juliette Delaunay in which she investigates the urban space and the possibility to integrate dance in daily street life. In 2012 and 2013, this project was supported by the Region of Brussels and the municipality of Ixelles.

Since 2010 she takes part in Julien Bruneau’s project that “Phréatiques” that integrates drawing, verbal thinking and dance in a common language.

In 2013 she participated in the first residency for Anouk Llaurens’ project “Visions”, a research on poetic dance documentation about « eyes-hand coordination ».


“Visions, a research on poetic dance documentation about eye-hand coordination” will be in residency for the second time @ Bains Connective. The guest artists that will join Anouk Llaurens for the two weeks are Sonia Si Ahmed, Maya Dalinsky and Julien Bruneau.

Is there a difference between a performance and a live document? What is the difference? What are the compositional strategies that are creating this difference? Will be the guidelines to reflect on ‘Touch’, a live document for three performers initiated during previous residencies and still in progress.

With the support of texts from artists and writers like, Francis Alys, John Cage, Georges Bataille and Francis Ponge, artists will also revisit the notion of poetic documentation that is at the core of the project.

Finally Julien Buneau will initiate the team to the web site “research catalogue” seen as a potential host for an online publication of the research.