Sara Manente (Italy, 1978) graduated in Communication Science (Bologna) and completed the post-master a.p.t/A.pass in Performing Arts in Antwerp. She’s been working on different projects starting from choreography but taking different shapes: Democratic forest, a practical and theoretical research in collaboration with Alessandra Bergamaschi (, the video Some performances in collaboration with Ondine Cloez and Michiel Reynaert and the dance performance Lawaai means hawaai, mentioned for the prix Jardin d’europe 2009 and presented in Brussels, Antwerp, Vienna, Ferrara.

She works as a performer for Marcos Simoes, Aitana Cordero Vico, Kate McIntosh and Juan Dominguez. She is one of the founding members of the association CABRA vzw ( Recently, she is been working on Grand Tourists in collaboration with Ondine Cloez and Michiel Reynaert (, Not not a lecture. Two commentaries together with Constanze Schellow (a lecture performance for Tanzquartier, Vienna)and on the dance quartet Faire un four, which premiered in October 2011 in Monty Antwerp. Currently, she is developing a project in collaboration with Marcos Simoes around the notion of displacement: This place is the title. At the very moment, a satellite project from This place is being developed in the form of a telepathic experience between North and South Korea, in collaboration with Hwang Kim for the Festival Bom in Seoul (30th and 31st of March).

“Two attempts to experience a sense of the common”

Thematics ‘Come Together’

Photo: Silvano Magnone – Plankton 47