Sandrine Verstraete (°1986, Halle) studied Literature at VUBrussel and Multimedia at KASK Gent. The red line through my work is the search for an embodied, intimate experience of my self written texts. In search of this, I am active in different media: literature, sound art, performance, music, installations. In the past my work has been shown in different contexts: exhibition spaces (Croxhapox Ghent), theatre (Rataplan, Campo, LOD), concert venues (KC Belgie, ‘t Werkhuys). At the end of March, a collection of my texts will be published by the flemish publishing house het balanseer.

‘MEMBRANE (resonance)’

‘MEMBRANE (resonance)’ investigates the physical, acoustic qualities of language, in order to come to a new, more bodily experience of (spoken) texts. One of our main goals in this artistic experiment is to make the sounds of the performance resonate inside the public, by using their skeleton. Thematically we start from the skin, and its ambiguous status as it both defines us and separates us from the outside world, but is also our most important ‘tool’ to discover and communicate with what is outside.