Pierre Slinckx studied classical writing, composition and “applied music” at the Mons Royal Conservatory. He composed several scores for theater, short films, puppet shows and animation films. He was finalist at the CIMFA 2011 Annecy festival. The film “Time to grow up” by Bruno Tondeur for which he composed the soundtrack with gameboys was awarded at several Belgium festivals: Anima 2013, Court Mais Trash #8, Short Screens #31. He is also interested in projects ranging from rock to contemporary music: his compositions have been performed in festivals such as Ars Musica, World Music Days, Loop#6.
Some of his gameboy compositions are available on the independent net label HYPERLINK “http://www.iimusic.net/”Pause (HYPERLINK “http://www.iimusic.net/catalog/2010/04/peer-dances””Dances” EP). He is now writing for the ensembles LAPS and Sturm und Klang.

in residence from
February 3 ’till February 28 – 2014

with Vera Cavallin and Alice Tiezzi

He Dances

This is a project for a solo-dancer and music written for pedal harp and electronics; it aims at the reflection on the relationship between natural and repetitive gestures and their consequent, potential deterioration. Sounds and movements are built in an environment of repeated conflict between what is natural (i.e. acoustic sounds) and what is distorted from its own original status, and vice versa. The piece will then be composed of several smaller cycles of construction and de- construction – “body and sounds’ convulsions” – in a process of uncertain material development . The natural consequence of this demarche will be to go towards phenomenon such as saturation, complete silence or new series of repetition. The constant de-naturalization of the material, the abandonment of the ritual repetition and its rebirth in a new positive or negative form represent the core subject of this project.

” He dances ” is inspired by the work of Fausto Romitelli (Gorizia – Italy, 1963-2004 ) an Italian visionary avant-garde composer, who died recently.