Patrícia Milheiro, currently based in Brussels, was born in 1978 in Portugal.
After graduating at the Dance – Performance department she started her own individual choreographic research at EIRA (a dance organisation based in Lisbon founded by Francisco Camacho). In the last 10 years she collaborated in many dance pieces as choreographer, performer, assistant and consultant with artists as Francisco Camacho, Vera Mota, Sílvia Pinto Coelho, David Marques and André Guedes. These dance pieces were presented in Portugal and Spain. Currently she is highly involved in opera and in the last 5 years she collaborated with Stephen Medcalf/Julia Jones (TNSC, Lisbon), Guy Joosten/Julian Reynolds (La Monnaie, Brussels) and Benoît De Leersnyder/Hein Boterberg (Opera Studio, Ghent). Since she lives in Brussels Patricia works with the support of Bains Connective. Later this year Patrícia will assist Kryztof Warlikowsky, at his Don Giovanni production at La Monnaie de Munt. In 2015 she will give a dance workshop at Forum Dança in Lisbon.



The idea there is that the universe is a void but a kind of positively charged void. And then particular things appear when the balance of the void is disturbed. And I like this idea of spontaneous very much, that is not just nothing. Things are out there. It means that something went terribly wrong. That what we call creation is a kind of cosmic imbalance. Cosmic catastrophe. That things exist by mistake. And even ready to go to the end and to claim that the only way to counteract is to assume the mistake and go to the end. And we have a name for this: it’s called love. Isn’t love precisely this kind of cosmic imbalance? I was always disgusted by this notion of: I love the world, universal love. I don’t like the world. I am something in between. I hate the world or I am indifferent towards it. But the whole of reality it’s just it, it’s stupid, it’s out there, I don’t care about it. Love is for me an extremely violent act. Love is not: I love you all. Love means I pick out something. You know, it’s again this structure of imbalance. Even if this something it’s just a small detail – a fragile individual person. I say: I love you more then anything else. In this formal sense love is evil.

Slavoj Žižek


Patrícia Milheiro (PT)

Singer – Astrid De Cadt (BE) Actress – Antonia Buresi (FR) Dancer – Coral Ortega (ES) Dancer – Justine Maxelon (DE)


Lara Torres (PT)