Artist in residence from 07′ till 18′ July 2014

Paloma Lopez is a concert and academic conference producer. Holds a Master of Creative and Cultural
Entrepreneurship from Goldsmith’s University of London with a line research on Critical Studies and Cultural
Theory. Part of the Radioglobal collective, an online radio station based in Tijuana since 2008.
She is currently the research director at the online platform for contemporary culture Estándar studying
new models of intentional creative communities. She was recently part of the production team of
Mutek_Lab, a symposium on creativity and innovation organized by Mutek Festival in association with ICAS network (International Cities for Advanced Sound & Related Arts) at Mexico City.



The work of Leslie García and Paloma López is focused on the relationship between waveforms, living matter and the way in which sound frequencies affect and create physical forms. The project seeks for a pattern-based understanding of our context in order to illustrate the underlying order in the physical universe and human consciousness that appears to be intimately related to sound.

The process of this research can be followed at