Born in 1986, Noémie Asper began her artistic journey with artistic encounters in the School of Image of Epinal. In 2004, she began her studies at ENSAN Nancy. Subsequently, she decided to continue her practice at Arba-esa in Brussels. Since then, her practice questions the temporality of actions, the transformation of things by wearing great importance to the spaces that she invests in. In an apparent stability, the pieces that she realizes are born in a game of balance between balance and movement. It concerns shape/volume in an unstable balance. Time, matter and equilibrium are central concepts in her work. She emphasizes the doubt over our ability to grasp time through productions without preconceived forms. She lives and works between Toulouse and Brussels.




To reconsider 3 temporary realizations, to present them in another way, to think of them in a different time, to photograph them in order to archive them. To set up a time of experiences, of exercises about the idea of unstable equilibrium, without a preconceived form.