Maya Dalinsky (1981, US) is a dancer, choreographer, translator and editor living in Brussels, Belgium. Maya freelances for independent arts projects, mainly as a contributor of movement, sound, writing and thinking. Her life and art is influenced by mixture; integrating many heterogeneous elements into one experience, and improvisation; using compositional tools to magnify the present and structure it into a readable, enjoyable experience. Her guiding principles as a maker and performer are to act out of authentic interest and pleasure, and to empower oneself and others through the hard work of accepting differences and allowing the inherent potential of any encounter to manifest itself and grow.

In addition to creating her own solo work, she’s been a long-term collaborator with Sonia Si Ahmed, Julien Bruneau, Anouk Llaurens, Alec Ilyine and Titanne Bregentzer. She’s worked, researched and improvised with a number of artists in the USA and Europe, including: Lisa Nelson, Rosalind Crisp, Andrew Morrish, David Hernandez, Nadja Abt, Stef Lernous / Cie Abattoir Fermé, Alex Forge, and trained with a number of influential artists such as David Zambrano, Jeremy Wade and LaborGras, amongst many others.

Aside from this performance work, Maya organizes sessions for Authentic Movement as well as improvisation workshops on proprioception for composition. She also collaborates on music as a pianist in the duo Halves with Suki Osman ( and is the co-founder of Rickshaw Karaoke, a mobile karaoke project with Peter Cserba ( She is a regular translator, editor and copywriter for a number of cultural and media institutions/events, and speaks fluent French and German. Since September 2013 she’s been pursuing a Master’s degree in Art in Public Space at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Brussels, in partnership with the Institute for Art and Choreography (ISAC).


“Visions, a research on poetic dance documentation about eye-hand coordination” will be in residency for the second time @ Bains Connective. The guest artists that will join Anouk Llaurens for the two weeks are Sonia Si Ahmed, Maya Dalinsky and Julien Bruneau.

Is there a difference between a performance and a live document? What is the difference? What are the compositional strategies that are creating this difference? Will be the guidelines to reflect on ‘Touch’, a live document for three performers initiated during previous residencies and still in progress.

With the support of texts from artists and writers like, Francis Alys, John Cage, Georges Bataille and Francis Ponge, artists will also revisit the notion of poetic documentation that is at the core of the project.

Finally Julien Buneau will initiate the team to the web site “research catalogue” seen as a potential host for an online publication of the research.