I’ve studied photography and dance in Lisbon, and I’ve moved to Brussels a little more than one year ago. Last summer I’ve restarted photographing as a consequence of being a lot alone and of wanting to imprint somewhere my perception of this city, of wanting to make it “mine” – photography being also a mean to discover it. By this practice, I’ve become aware of the interest of my eyes in memory and in the traces that bodies leave behind them in the space, as also of the time passing by.

In residence from 03.02-28.02.2014

I really enjoy the artisanal aspect of photography: the work in the black room as part of the process, and I’ve begin to make some experiments in the development of the pictures. I want to continue these experiences, and also, after, to work on the paper as a surface, experimenting with different materials and means (writing, scratching, cutting, playing with textures…).