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Marcos Simões (PT) and Sara Manente (IT) live in Brussels. 
In 2004 they started to work together making two dance performances Palindrome and Eye in the sky. In 2008 they completed the post master degree in performance arts A.Pass in Antwerp. They continued to collaborate as performer and choreographer in each other’s individual work in Instructions (2006), Eskimo (2010) and Faire un Four (2011). They are funding members of Cabra vzw.

Since 2012 with the Project This place they worked as artistic couple creating performances based on practices of Extra Sensorial Perception, such as prediction, clairvoyance and telepathy. Those practices serve as tools for collaboration, production and creation. With the aim of including chance and contingency in the work, they want to destabilize predominant logics.


For our new duo, we work on the idea of the “parallel” as a way to let an other space appear. The space in between two things put close to each other starts to create a discourse. A third entity is emerging between the elements of the performance, the performance and the audience and each one of the spectators. It seems to be an entity other than us with own quality and ability to perform. (…)

Lava has different composition, temperature, viscosity and behavior. It alters the environment, produces unexpected changes and sometimes fill in gaps working as a negative force. It is the inside out. There is something uncontrollable and fearsome about it while being an attraction. It is one thing that can be almost everywhere. It appears as an eruption and then it expands and flows. It is a state and a matter.”