Landscape (un)folded

Artist in residence from  March 03 ’till March 31

Imaginary Spaces – Urban Cartography – Memories and Translations

Gusberti works on relations between image and imagination.
She questiones the image as a projection surface, a trigger and accumulator of collective and individual imaginative space. She nests image realities with their imaginary and examines interstices – be they urbanistic, political or social. Her videos & photographs express a vivid geography, a translation of the subjective/known and ‘the other’, less known or unconscious.
As an artist in residence she worked in Sofia/BG, Paris/FR, Cairo/EG, Rome/IT and Amman/JO. She lived and worked in Vienna, Cairo and Berne. She is a co-founder of the artists collective RE-P.ORG Vienna/Bern and a co-founder of the LEHRERZIMMER Space for Books, Art and Cooking, Bern.


Maia Gusberti works on the project Reading in between the lines – a multi-layered video about language, translation and interpretation: imagination, assumptions and filling the gaps while interpreting language. The work reflects on the space between the lines – as a space of interpretation as well as on the gap between the narrator and the recipient and invests in a play about communication, involving the role of the visitor as an composer/interpreter.

Reading in between the lines is a reflection on text and image (media), the writer / reader (transmitter) and viewer/listener (recipient). It explores possibilities within video/film to play with text, speech and language. As an alternative space an artist book will reflect on the film – using its own space to process and reflect on the film and the interplay of image and text. A film about a book – a book about a film, both playing and interacting with the space of interpretation between the medium and the reader/viewer.