A Scripted Situation


Martina Ruhsam is working as a choreographer, performer and author. Her artistic work and collaborations (especially with Vlado G. Repnik) were presented at numerous venues and festivals in Europe. Her book Kollaborative Praxis: Choreographie was published by Turia & Kant in 2011. She was teaching in Maska´s Seminar for Performing Arts in Ljubljana, at HZT (Inter-University-Center for Dance) in Berlin and at the institute for Applied Theatre Studies at the Justus-Liebig-University in Gießen (Germany) where she is currently completing a Phd.

Lisa Hinterreithner is a choreographer and perfomer. In her works she addresses body, text and object. Lately she has collaborated with Julius Deutschbauer, Martina Ruhsam and Jack Hauser amongst others. She has previously taught performance and research at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, at SEAD and at the University of Vienna. She completed a master´s programme in Performance and Creative Research at the Roehhampton University / London.


Do – Undo (working title)

On the basis of their previous work A scripted situation Martina Ruhsam and Lisa Hinterreithner will create the durational participatory performance Do – Undo (working title). The two artists mostly want to deepen and re-think their research questions related to social choreographies and their socio-political implications and want to further investigate the ways in which the space and nonhuman things co-choreograph the movements of human beings in certain ways. Lisa Hinterreithner and Martina Ruhsam want to explore specific questions concerning instruction-based performance and the diversities of interaction.