Kobe Matthys is the founder of Agency. Agency was founded in 1992. (Cf. Agency)

Agency is the generic name of a Brussels-based agency that was established in 1992 by Kobe Matthys. Agency constitutes a growing list of things that resist the split between culture and nature. These things are mostly derived from juridical processes, lawsuits, cases, controversies, affairs and so forth involving intellectual properties (copyrights, patents, trade marks, etc…). The concept of intellectual property relies upon the assumption of the division between culture and nature and consequently between expressions and ideas, creations and facts, subjects and objects, humans and non-humans, originality and tradition, individuals and collectives, mind and body, etc…. Each thing on the list invokes the moment of hesitation in terms of those divisions.
Agency calls things forth from it’s list via varying assemblies inside exhibitions, performances, publications, etc… Each assembly speculates topologically on a different question of the performative consequences of the apparatus of intellectual property for an ecology of art practices and paying attention to other types of agencies.