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Kleoni Manoussakis studied Art and Design at Columbia College Chicago and received her Bachelor in Arts. She continued her studies at Tisch School of the Arts, department of New York University, and received her masters in Interactivity and New Media.  Currently she is an a.pass participate, her research is inspired by the way fertility rituals were and are used as a means to connect the human with the earth. She is concerned with discovering ways in which we realize these connections today. By inviting people to collective moments of intention, actions that we could also call rituals, or prayers and in the use of shamanic tools as a way to understand and influence contemporary cosmologies, she creates spaces for contemplation (a space can be a room, a seed, a laboratory or a mental space). By bringing the ceremonial process to the fore, her work is inviting the audience for an open interpretation of the event where through culture one experiences the power of his/her nature and vice versa.


Currently at her residency in Bains Connective she is creating and inviting people to Art Laboratories, where with the help of the shamanic drum she and the participants are atempting to acesses their cosmovision, themeselves inside the cosmos or inside the every day, the idea of creation, the continues fabric of time and space and then express these discoveries, with conversation, drawing and movement.