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After her studies as theatermaker/performer at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands, Katja Dreyer is now living in Brussels.
She has been working with a number of different choreographers/directors as a performer or advisor and the work she is/ has been involved in always has a strong physical character.
In the last years she has been collaborating with Ivana Mueller, Ugo Dehaes, Stefan Dreher, Davis Freeman, Jean-Luc Ducour, Kate McIntosh a o.



Cry me a river

In discussions about credibility, one often says ‘ going to the source ‘.
The word Source stands as a synomyne for origin, authenticity or simply truth(Ursprung).

In November 2016,we, a German and a Norwegian together with a greek guide, went by foot from the mouth of the River Styx in at the Guldf of Corinth in Achaea, Greece to its source up in the Helmosmountains.
This expedition to the source of Styx was inspired by templates for the 1800s expeditions, where wealthy northern Europeans tried to identify and classify unfamiliar territory
This epic expedition took 6 days and is the starting point for a scenic exploration of the concept of ‘source ‘(Quelle) in a broader sense.
The river Styx is the source to many myths and legends.
t is the river in which Achilles was dipped by his mother to gain immortality, the river that Narcissus  lost himself in his image, the river whose water killed Alexander the Great and the river by which the greek gods swore their oaths.
We were speaking to very different people along the way in order to find out how much of these legends still live among the locals, how important it is to their identity, and if the knowledge related to the river changes the closer we come to its source.

The expedition and the interviews provided us with as many answers as new questions.

Within the residency in BAINS CONNECTIVE we would like to make some steps to turning these questions and results into performance material, I promise it will be not a travellog.We will look at greek tragedies and their rhyming schemes and the different mythological figures and look for their equivalents today.