Julien Bruneau is a dancer, choreographer and visual artist based in Brussels. At the intersection of dance, drawing and verbal thinking, his work investigates the dynamic interplay between interiority and collectivity.

Since 2010, he gives his research the name phréatiques (aquifers) a project developed with the collaboration of M.Dalinsky, A. Llaurens, L.Myers, S. Si Ahmed and J. Peeters. He is currently working on an on-line publication on oralsite.be, Strata (to be launched in 2014) and he is developing the performance some crosscuts of some of our improbable bodies in the frame of a MA at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (Theaterschool).

Past works from phréatiques includes performances shown in venues such as WorkspaceBrussels, Bains Connective, Netwerk and exhibitions held in Iselp and Twilight Zone Art Gallery (BE). Together with Sarma, J. Bruneau organized in Nov 2013 the four-days event “Enchanting Scores” on the notion of trance. It consisted of a discursive event in Kaaistudio’s (BE) with philosopher I. Stengers and anthropologist A.Halloy and three days of workshop led by J.Bruneau, with contributions by A.Halloy.

J.Bruneau’s work has been supported/produced by/ showed at a.o. Les Halles de Schaerbeek (B), Roma Europa festival (IT), Bains Connective, Netwerk, Workspacebrussels, de Pianofabriek, WP Zimmer, La Maison Folie de Mons (B), Dock 11 (D), Point Ephémère (FR). He is or has been working with Stefan Dreher, Anouk Llaurens, Norberto Llopis Segarra, Lilia Mestre, Christine Quoiraud and Claude Schmitz. In 2002, he graduated from visual art school La Cambre.


“Visions, a research on poetic dance documentation about eye-hand coordination” will be in residency for the second time @ Bains Connective. The guest artists that will join Anouk Llaurens for the two weeks are Sonia Si Ahmed, Maya Dalinsky and Julien Bruneau.

Is there a difference between a performance and a live document? What is the difference? What are the compositional strategies that are creating this difference? Will be the guidelines to reflect on ‘Touch’, a live document for three performers initiated during previous residencies and still in progress.

With the support of texts from artists and writers like, Francis Alys, John Cage, Georges Bataille and Francis Ponge, artists will also revisit the notion of poetic documentation that is at the core of the project.

Finally Julien Buneau will initiate the team to the web site “research catalogue” seen as a potential host for an online publication of the research.