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Julien Bruneau (B) is based in Brussels where he first studied visual art at La Cambre. His artistic research led him towards dance, his main activity since then. For several years, he develops his own work, collaborating with people involved in
various fields – dance, music, visual arts, photography, performed poetry or philosophy – for set pieces, improvisation projects, and researches. His work (centaure : une flaque animale de miel brun (avec des poils dedans), vrac pli, oint.oint., v a s t e, seconde main, caballeros, incus & malleus) has been supported / produced by / performed at a.o. Les Halles de Schaerbeek (B), Roma Europa festival (IT), Bains Connective, de Pianofabriek, Netwerk, La Maison Folie de Mons (B), Dock 11 (D), Point Ephémère (FR).
Since May 2010, his main focus is phréatiques, a project investigating combinations of dance, drawing and verbal thinking through a collective approach. It receives support from many venues for research, performance (a.o. in the WorkspaceBrussels’ festival WTP#2; at Les Bains Connective and at Netwerk) and exhibition (at Twilght Art Gallery, within the Réseau 50° Nord ‘s biennial Watch This Space). From September 2012 on, the project will be further developed in the frame of the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (Theaterschool) and an online publication on Oral Site (Sarma) will document its process.
As a performer for other’s pieces, Julien Bruneau worked notably for the theatre director Claude Schmitz and with the choreographers Christine Quoiraud, Stefan Dreher, Lilia Mestre and Anouk Llaurens.
His constant question in art is how one’s interiority could be addressed in order to activate other’s interiority.

photo © Aurore Dal Mas
performer : Sonia Si Ahmed

Some crosscuts of some of our improbable bodies (Period of residence 04-11-2013 // 21-12-2013)

How do we make sense of our being into the world? How do we write daily the narratives by which we grant meaning to our live? How do we decipher the abundant flow of heterogeneous signs incessantly poured into our very self by our socio-cultural environment? Some crosscuts (…) dives into those questions by setting up a practice of interpretative delirium. A practice that speeds up the flow of signs and increases their abundance, a practice of extravagant narratives, a practice of intensity and proliferation where representations of all sorts become a fuel assembly to consume.
The performance proposes the audience to witness some cross-sections of such intricate landscapes-in-process; some condense samples of their layered complexity. The crosscutting appears as we follow the distinct trajectories of several performers embodying improbable logics. Personal stories and collective history are mobilized in a chain of transformation involving dance, drawing and verbal thinking. Migrating pathways interweaves categories of experience usually sorted as distinct. Kinesthetic perceptions, reflexivity, fantasy, private anecdotes, emotions, world’s news, philosophy, pictorial composition, past, present, future are all blended into the writing of a singular contemporary mythology of some sort.

Some crosscuts (…) is part of a research within the MA program Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh) at Amsterdam Hogeschool voor Kunsten (AHK).

concept, co-creation : Julien Bruneau
co-creation, performance : Maya Dalinsky, Anouk Llaurens, Sonia Si Ahmed