Julia Barrios de la Mora is currently finishing her studies as dancer-maker at ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands. Because of her background in Architecture and her interests on audio-video/media, her choreographies often look for the integration of the performing space, daily life objects, audio-visual aspects and the human body. Julia has also taken further her movement passion into video-dance and installations. She has researched on how we develop our own personal physical identity; the way we use and understand our body based on socio-cultural values, life experience and genetics. She has taken this subject further by researching about identity construction beyond the human body; human-material world relationship and its possible development through interaction.

Dominik Feistmantl graduated from the contemporary dance department of the  Amsterdam School of Arts and worked as a dancer / performer for different companies and choreographers from Europe, Cuba, India and the U.S. Taking his first steps as a maker he created a performance installation in collaboration with the works of US-American artist Joan Mitchell, this fall. Now, in 2016, he is continuing his own work in the frame of Collective set up with Anni Kaila and the research on development with Julia Barrios de la Mora.





The residency aims for the development of a duet in which the choreographers are the dancers. At the core of things we are putting our own physical bodies in relation to the parameters of the material world of objects. How can the use of sound and light in the context of a performative happening help us clarify those relationships and offer different perspectives on the matter for us as well as the audience?