Jeanne Colin is a french maker and performer artist, based in Brussels. She arrived in Belgium in 2011 to study in P.A.R.T.S (Performative Art Research and Training Studio).
During her studies she takes part in different collaborative works and created her solo: Get Out Of The Blue, performed in the frame of the international graduation tour of PARTS.
Through the past years she also danced under the direction of choreographers such as David Hernandez (US) with Unisono performed in 2012 at Dansand Festival in Ostend, David Zambrano (VN) with Passing Through performed for the opening of the MAS in Antwerp, Robert Stein (DU), Albert Quesada (SP) with Slow Sport in 2014 at Dansand Festival in Ostend.
More recently she works as a performer for Daniel Linehan (US) in A Right of Spring (creation 2014) and Yasmine Hugonnet (FR/SU) in La Ronde/Quatuor (creation 2015/2016).


I am seeking for a breath, a respiration that acts like a spell, a magic word that changes my state, a bridge to pass from a world to another, a wind that pushes me to drift, a hard core to unite the thousand pieces lost for each other, a song to charm snakes, a whistling to find the earthly paradise, a key that opens throats, spread anuses, a laugh to shake the hard core, a time to go on the merry-go-round, a maze, a thread, a sound, a tuned note without intent.

In the morning I invite the dancers of the city, to join me in the studio to practice sharing, to share practices.