we do live in a society where the image is omni-present,

you might have a mobile phone or even a tablet that also has a photo-camera,

something that is besides everything else, also is a photo-camera.

is somebody, with a camera a photographer?

is the fact you pull the trigger that you are a photographer?

or is it about the image you framed and how you framed it that might give you the title of a photographer?

when you go back to all your photo-albums,

digital or physical,

of how many photographs could you recall why they are made,

besides the reason that you were there

and were able to make that picture

because you wanted to document that moment,

a memory that was been made at that same time…

is that the true memory?

the moment of the snapshot?

is the image of the moment the only memory?

the only history of the moment?

the only possible story?

is the only thing that matter, what is framed in the picture?

what about that falls outside the frame?

is that meaningless?

when you travel

and you see a monument,

is the only reason you are there

to make proof that you were there

a picture

that says



i was herewhy making that image?

Again making a variation on a mass-produced postcard.

why looking to the world through a viewfinder

when the world is all around you.

enjoy the fact that you are there

in the presence of the monument.

to make an image

is not just pulling a trigger

just pulling a trigger only could make you a murderer

besides the the execution of making an image,

i want them to see this,

there are many other decisions,

that have to be taken in concern

before creating an image,

that could be of any importance.

a good image triggers the moment that it is made

that you understand

or that you could give an understanding to the moment it refers to

“it is the picture that took when my son made his first steps”


“it is the image of the revolution”

even if you have not been present on any of these moments,

because you were on a businesses trip,

or if you were not born yet.

a good image is not framed to document what is inside it,

but triggers everything that is outside of the frame.

it shows the context,

without the context being shown in the image.

an image, not only as something, visual

but also something that triggers the notion of sound, narration and time.