Frederik Croene graduated from Flemish conservatories in 1999.
He is still looking to find a balance between the polarizing forces of academia, artistic entertainment and futurology in music performance.
He conceived the deconstructing concept of ‘Le Piano Démécanisé’ as a crowbar to tackle his anemic pianist education.
Inventing weird (crossover-)events with names like ‘Roll over Czerny’, ‘Pianos Palliatifs’ or ‘492 kilo, an extended piano recital’. He now and then performed (nearly) solo on big name festivals like Holland Festival (nl), hfcm (Huddersfield, gb), Transit Festival (Leuven, be) and November Music Festival (be/nl)


The residency is a preparation for a solo recital with music by Mozart and the new compostions, Intermezzi, by German composer Johannes Kreidler (1980). Some of these Intermezzi are especially written for this recital as they work as inserts in between the movements of two Mozart Sonatas: KV 457 & KV 576.
Using video interaction the pieces put the playing of classical repertoire in a refreshing, conceptual perspective.
During the residency, Frederik Croene will practise the Mozart Sonatas while also studying open source software for Digital Sound Processing.