Francesca Saraullo and Carolina Van Eps,  are two artists dedicated to the research of movement. They met during their studies for Master at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2012 in the two programs “Art in the Public Space” (AeSP) and “Arts and Choreographies’ Institut” (ISAC), forming a  friendship and cooperation between their individual works.
Francesca has been developing a personal and collective research between dance, performative installation and visual art with body languages as a major means of expression. She is interested in observing the world, the human beings and the inframince spaces between the things with curiosity and a pinch of madness. The practice of Carolina consists of various projects that form a multidisciplinary mix. Recently she is interested in the concept of vulnerability, exploration of the voice as another body movement and sound as an extension of space.
Guided by their common interest they decide to work together in the sensible relationship between space and body to moves across its boundaries.


El Ring

El Ring is a body research, choreographic and visual project about space between things. El Ring is a space within a space in order to create encounters, by making clear the boundaries that separate us or erase them. We remark that the space is what outlines a temporality between us. It makes us closer or more distant. We wonder how space affects our relationship (space between) and, at the same time, we observe the relations of each of us with the world through a sensible approach.
The space does not involve us as much as an architectural infrastructure – the place where we present a work – but rather for its quality to create its own affective, moving and emotional landscapes.
How can we get hold of these landscapes and how can we point them out?
Where are the limits of this space of knowledge ?
Where are the limits of this space between two bodies, two persons ? Is it a third space between persons?
Where are the limits between the performer and the public in this space of knowledge ?

We desire to investigate these questions through a visual point of view, too. So two others artists Aurèlie Gravelat and Suzanne Groothuis will reach us in this step of the processus.