I have received training as an architect/scenographer but since 2004 my interest shifted more and more towards photography. Within this field I am autodidact.
I have always been fascinated by the magic of photography, the beauty of images created by different cameras, each with its own specific characteristics. My preference lies within analogue photography, with a specific appeal for a panoramic pinhole camera, handmade by a friend.
I also enjoy to experiment with different printing techniques such as traditional gums and cyanotypes, as well as with the more contemporary technique of chemigrams. I am truly fascinated by the endless possibilities of photography. Curiosity and the desire to experiment instills my work with a sense of joyful diversity.

in residence from
February 3 ’till February 28 – 2014

During my residency I intend to develop and concrete my project on Tarot. Used for various card games as well as fortune telling and divination, the tarot cards are full of mystery and symbolism. The pack consists out of 78 cards, 22 of them are known as the trump cards, representing various scenes such as death, the sun, temperance, wheel of fortune,…
The Tarot, with all its history and the trump cards in particular, will serve as inspiration for a new line of work. Consisting of photography, drawings and collages.