Eeva-Mari Haikala (b. 1974) is a Finnish visual artist. She holds MA’s from Visual Arts (University of Arts and Desing Helsinki) and Art History (Helsinki University), and is about to receive a PhD degree anytime soon from Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance in Roehampton University with her practice-as-research project ”An Attempt to Mirror the Painterly and Stillness in Autobiographical Visual Practice”.
Eeva-Mari is a multi-disiplinary artist working with the video, photography, performance, sound and installation. Her works often nods towards theatre and art history.
Eeva-Mari’s works have been on display – this includes solo and group shows in museums and art galleries, videoscreenings and live performances-  since the early 2000’s onwards both inside Finland and abroad.
Alongside her visual practise Eeva-Mari works as freelance writer focusing on contemporary art, visual culture, dance and live art.


Starting thoughts for my residency in Bains Connective are space and choreography; body and memory; longing. I will explore these themes with the help of literature, camera, sound recorder, drawing and the collaboration with dancer/choreographer.

Image details: Still from video Hamish and Eeva, 2015.