Musician and concept artist and studied the Violin at Yildiz Teknik University (Istanbul) and at Bauhaus University Weimar, Fine Arts, Master. She performed as musician with the artists from different areas like dancers, visual artists and collaborative mixed performance events in USA, Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Norway and China. In 2011 she was an artist in resident in Beijing Shang Yuen Museum, 2012 in Bucharest ENGAGE international discussion platform, at LKV Artist Program in Trondheim and 2013 in Watermill Center in New York. She participated in several group exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions in Ilsalmi, Finland at Underground Gallery, in Copenhagen at Rumkammerat Gallery, Istanbul at Alan Istanbul Gallery and Babel Gallery in Trondheim. She was Gala Artist and Performer at Watermill Center Benefit ‘Devil’s Heaven’ 2013.

in residence from
January 6 ’till January 31 – 2014

My most recent work explores topics such as DNA, the Atom, geological history and human anatomy, as well as reflections of my own body. Non-hierarchic understanding and the interaction between animals emphasize my perception of life and the relationship between religion and science. All these connected ideas will become a room installation. I will create objects with sound and images.