Artist in residence from  September 09 ’till October 4

Davis Freeman
(1969) is a performance artist who has been working with Forced Entertainment (Bloody Mess, The World in Pictures), Meg Stuart (Built to Last, Highway 101, Alibi), Stephan Pucher (Kirshgarten, Snapshots) and Superamas (Big 2, Big 3, Empire). Along with this work, in 1999 he created Random Scream with Lilia Mestre to draw attention to what is already there by focusing on our personal interactions and how our choices directly affect each other and the community we live in. The work is extremely eclectic from dance pieces, installations to even lounge acts and is often considered devious political theatre or Docu-performances. Currently he is touring his latest pieces Investment, 7 Promises & Expanding Energy, teaching non acting acting for performers, performing in Meg Stuarts latest piece Built to Last and developing new work for 2014.

Davis Freeman is using his time in Bains::Connective to explore the multiple sides of his artistic personality. He researching into his obsession with GOLD, from the classic gold rush, to the oppressive congo gold , to the reality of the federal gold reserve. He’s working with a series of musicians on his 100- hits project. Developing a WW! project with the Reckless Sleeper director Mole Wetherell. Contacting international video artist for the piece Karaoke (ART). And preparing for the interactive telephone project

“How to make the world a better place”. So in fact he’ll just be very busy.