Fiteiro (30)


Daniel Cabral is a Brazilian artist currently based in Brussels. Graduated in International Relations in Recife, Brazil, Daniel has an experimental multimedia practice that ranges from photography to watercolor painting, drawing and urban intervention. He aims on stressing the public space with works that emphasize the distribution of images and circulation of people. His research is focused on concepts as serialization, reproducibility, consumerism, economic development and urban behavior.


Phototags is a series of photographic interventions in the public space initiated in 2014 involving images that are left in the exact spot where they were initially taken. They emphasize the circulation of people and the distribution of images in the city space. For the residency at Bains Connective, Daniel will be delving into the situationist derive for developing his next actions in Brussels and for the creation of new ways of engaging with the works, especially through tools from the digital sphere like social media.