Born (1951) in Athens, Greece, where he attended workshops drawing and painting, studied at the Vacalo school applied arts and apprenticed architectural drawing and color photography. Fugitive from the colonel’s regime he obtained refugee status in Canada and became Canadian citizen. Studied and graduated the Ontario College of Art, with honors, also, part-time studies mathematics at the University of Toronto and film/video at Ryerson University. Worked as film assistant (editing and special effects), audio-visual operator, and as scenic painter. Self educated in science, history, politics, philosophy, technology, digital arts and other. Since 1989 lives in Belgium, Europe.


The “Apocalypse” is a term typically used to refer destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale and the end of humankind.
“APOCALIPSIS” is a project of ethnic designs of kites with painted figures on. It is an allegorical ascending / descending from the sky interactive message that attempts to inspire sensitivity about socio-political, environmental and economic present events that can lead to the “doomsday” crisis.
The “Four Horsemen” are symbols painted on the kites, a reminder of the unscrupulous human activity on our planet while the painted “Seven Angels” are the symbols of messengers of this revelation.