Charlotte Bouckaert (1983)
Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium)
2005 Master in sociology, Kuleuven
2009 Photography, Academy Ghent
2010 Postgraduate Scenography/Performance, DeSingel, Antwerp

–As bild
2013 Artlab ZSenne, Brussels
in collaboration with Steve Salembier

–Je désire
2012 Artspace In Between, Brussels (installation)

–The photographer left, he told the truth (performance)
2012 Premiere Beursschouwburg, Brussels
2012 Residency STUK, Leuven
2012 Open House festival Brussels
2012 Residency Les Bains Connective, Brussels
2012 Residency Pianofabriek, Brussels
2011 Residency Pianofabriek, Brussels

–The photographer left, he told the truth (photography/installation)
2012 Artlab ZSenne, Brussels

–Gut Feeling (photography)
2011 I am hurt, curator Astrid David, Gallery Jan Colle, Ghent
2011 Laureate Photography Award Bozar, Bozar, Brussels

–Being Apart Together (performance)
2012 Residency STUK, Leuven
2011 Festival Korte Metten, Vooruit, Ghent

–Real Time (installation)
2010 Gallery Croxhapox, Ghent
2010 Theaterfestival DeSingel, Antwerp

–Opname (installation)
2010 Ithaka , Leuven

–Acte de presence (photography)
2009 Gallery Jan Colle, Ghent

–Nesten (photography)
2010 Dexia Art, Brussels
2008 Laureate Kunstsalon Ghent
2008 Laureate Promojeunes, Flagey Brussels



Performance ‘The photographer left, he told the truth’

Photography had fundamentally changed in relation to the digital revolution and the emerging image culture. In this era everybody is a photographer. The photographic gaze is omnipresent in our daily actions. So by refocusing on the position of photography; its limits and its characteristics within image culture, ‘The photographer left, he told the truth’ was born. Performative arts as an opportunity to investigate this position.

‘The photographer left, he told the truth’ is a performance which renders its audience into photographers. The viewer enters a black box. The performance takes place outside the box. Only by taking pictures the performance is seen. As a photographer, the viewer decides which scenes reveal themselves. The performance is created from the awareness how to anticipate on the photographers gaze.

Every performance will be different, as every viewer has his own way of looking and making pictures. Pictures are all what is left of the performance and every viewer gets his piece at home by email, as a continuous document of the performance.

Concept: Charlotte Bouckaert
Performers: Michel Yang and Armand van den Hamer
Dramaturgical advice: Carlotta Scioldo
Voices: Philippe Severyns and Katja Dreyer
Technician: Ivo Oosterlinck
Co-produced by Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
With the support of Bains Connective and STUK
Funded by VGC, the Flemish Community Commission of Brussels
Special thanks to Maya Dalinsky, Ian Gyselinck, David Bratzlavsky and Steve Salembier