Caroline Daish is an Australian performer living in Brussels since 2000. She has collaborated with European artists whilst still working with long time collaborator, Australian sound artist Jason Sweeney. She works in theatre and film most recently in Myriam Van Imschoot’s radiophonic performance “What Nature Says” and Triptych Productions’ feature film “The Dead Speak Back” for which she won Best Actress Award in the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Caroline often uses improvisation to generate material but also as a practice. It is a political decision driven by the desire to understand and as a tool to question agency.

Julie Pfleiderer
In her work Julie explores the border of documentary and fiction.
She is interested in the shift where fiction becomes truth and truth starts to be fictional. Julie enjoys collaborative processes where different media and approaches are put in dialogue to create friction out of permanent differentiation. Julie Pfleiderer is an independent German director who has conducted cross-media projects spanning theater, performance, film and sound in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. She has conceived and directed experimental independent film and theatre/ performance projects as well as creative commercial collaborations since 2005. Her work consists of contemporary plays, performances, film, sound installation and video clips. For her latest short film ‘Infinite Jetzt’, she received the Special Jury Award for Experimental Short Film at the 2014 Film Festival New Orleans USA.


The ‘NLAA: No Longer All Alone’ project is an experimental micro opera in a headphone environment. Binaural microphones will be used live during the performance and audience will participate wearing cordless headphones. ‘Binaural’ recording technique implies two microphones arranged with the intent 
to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener. This type of recording mimics implication and presence.
Performer Caroline Daish and director Julie Pfleiderer will collaborate with a sound artist and a stage designer to devise the micro opera that is based upon interviews and writings. Included in the writings are those from ‘Gormless Wonderland’, a short documentary made by Caroline with her brother who is an artist and diagnosed schizophrenic. The project proposes to develop a participatory sound and performance piece in which the audience is invited to follow, separate, disguise and group.

The headphone performance environment coupled with the binaural microphones allows the imagination to construct parallel versions of reality, which plays with the flicker effect between materiality and meaning. It is an invitation to inhabit worlds in which ‘escape’ is an existence. It is training in multiple reality viewing, a zoological visit of the present moment, in which the viewer plays both the animal and the keeper of the moment.