cloud spotting 1


Carolin Lange, born in Germany, holds a Master-Degree in Fine Arts from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.
Her work is context-specific and process-orientated, employing functional materials. Intrigued by the relationship between ingredients forming a work and conditions affecting it, notations and material reactions are utilized responding to situations of observation. Her artistic research follows the question how context and conditions shape conclusions and in that explores locations where research happens.


a condition’s conclusion

a condition’s conclusion regards framing effects of conditions when forming a conclusion. For this reason, three observation studies from a physics researcher, an environmental activist and the artist own light studies meet.
Looking at current physics research at the KIT Karlsruhe in January 2014, scientific pictures are consulted following the argumentation of a cluster of thought to create a sense for how non tangible phenomena might behave. In that, the measure device and its role in observing a phenomena is in focus.
The artist daily notations of scattered light and its direction is compared to cloud observations by a retired IBM employee based in the artist home village. His observations are driven by a deep urgency to proof his thesis of weather modifications happening in the region.
In bringing together different conditions of observations, an argument of condition effects is developed. Pictures, diagrams and visualizations are employed to map and locate the different conditions following the process of understanding an invisible context or phenomena in making sense of a point of view.
The condition study is accompanied by a cloud chamber experiment, making subatomic particles visible, reconstructed at the bains consulting DIY you-tube videos.