JEANNELLE Bertrand lives in Brussels. He graduated from the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts in September 2015. Brushes are his main tools to research, tinker and sustain a form of painting that is difficult to put away in any specific category. This is his first residence, after exhibiting his work at the ‘KoMASK Masters Salon’ in Antwerp.


if only painting were nothing but painting?

beyond representation, there is painting, flat painting.

blue for the blue sea, red for the red sea, black for the black sea,
is tantamount to an easy way out to solve complicated equations.

I’m practising an architecture of images that fill space, between, round, inside, outside, multiplying the points of view, and leaving to spectators the choice of their starting point.

I wish to take advantage of this residence to go on playing tricks with words and with painting, to answer the question: does painting have a ceiling?