The name ATB: Shapeshifter, flexible and determined by whatever the project. In this case maybe ‘A Troll in Brussels’.

Our group is a loose melting pot of artists, activists and educators mainly based in Copenhagen.
We try to explore and develop different forms of collective artistic work. Our shared interest is a constant investigation of the conditions of the production of (public)space and the changes therein. Our way of working can be described as an experimental, inter-disciplinary practice that evolves around and through games, play, rituals, pseudo-scientific research. Based on our diverse individual skills and interests in music, theater, play, gardening, politics, sound, cooking, sociality and poetry. The end result will be the traces of our activities left in space and around the city – likely to be immaterial, anti-commercial and performative.
`Through urban analysis and performance we want to investigate cultural differences through the art of trolling*. Brussels as a physical manifestation of European power makes it an evident location for interrupting already established structures.’

in residence from
November 18 ’till December 21 – 2013

The term “Troll” can be understood on several levels.
1. First it refers to the internet troll that is known for causing stir in online community with provoking or off-topic posts.
2. The creature known from norwegian mythology is also mentionable for their alienated yet dangerous position as outsiders.
3. Alfred Jarry and Dr Faustroll

ATB consists of Kristian Byskov, Benny Henningsen, Anna Ørberg, Margarita del Carmen, Vladas Suncovas, Julie Riis, Martin Haufe and Pia Eikaas