Arnaud Wohlhauser is a Swiss artist based around Basel and Lausanne. He first studied fine arts at the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design in Geneva and recently moved to Basel where he started a MFA at the Institut-Kunst, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst.
When asked a few weeks ago in a bar by a long-time-no-see friend to describe and define his practice in two words (While ordering some new beers. Music a bit too loud. Probably the friend was not truly interested in starting a real discussion about it, at least not at this precise moment, in this situation. More a vague interest. With of course conventional politness in it, appropriated to the context. And maybe a touch of provocation), his answer was : two words – and the space that separate them.
Through sculptural interventions and performative processes, often resorting to absurd or over-literal gestures, Arnaud Wohlhauser’s works focus on systems of circulation, trying to manipulate expectations and degrees of attention to explore assimilation and dissemination of knowledge. Interested in alternative working logic, he also created and co-curate with Sébastien Mennet a sporadic temporary exhibition programme in pre-existing gallery or commercial spaces. The first of the serie, Hotel Gerber, took place for 3 months in a Lausanne gallery last summer;


I will try to write a short story about love.