Adrijana Gvozdenović came three years ago to do art and study in Brussels. She saw green parrots overwintered in Brussels. It turned out those rose-ringed parakeet birds originate from an original population that was set free in 1974 by the owner of the Zoo near the Atomium who wanted to make Brussels more colourful. So Adrijana decided to stay. She is still doing art and studying, but now in Antwerp. Before she was doing the same in Montenegro, where she comes from. She plans to continue with the same tempo in the future.


Adrian Lister was born as a translation of  my name from Serbo-Croatian to English, within Google Translate. Since then I am writing and producing works with an attempt to answer  “Who is Adrian Lister?” and in this way I keep Adrian Lister alive.
With accepting this kind of adaptation of my name to sound foreign in foreign languages, I encountered with all the more perceptible need of artists to appear as fictive persons or anonymously in a collective. Writing about Adrian I discuss these artistic strategies as a mode of an artist to survive through playing roles while creating narratives situated between fiction and reality.
The concept of Adrian Lister demonstrates the attitude that living as an artist is living as a worker, where life and art can extend beyond their own constructed limits and challenge the approach to the Other. This attitude is in line with an old tradition of the “little person” from nineteenth century literature. This is not the heroic Eastern person, nor the Western superman.
Within this frame of research, I reflect in a form of writing and performative storytelling.

This project is also supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, through the call for co-financing projects and programs in 2015.