Adaline Anobile :BC Happenings

Artist in residence from  September 16 ’till October 12013

Adaline Anobile was born in Geneva. After completing her Master in Textile Design at E.N.S.A.V La Cambre in Brussels, Adaline is pursuing today her research as a performer and performance maker. In 2008, she studied dance and choreography at the School of New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Since 2011, she is participating in collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects. In this context, she has presented work in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the United States. Adaline is 2010 danceWEB scholarship recipient under the mentorship of Sarah Michaelson and Yasuko Yokoshi.

performance presented in the frame of Happenings 2013

Both lines and surfaces affect our perception and space: they can divide space, establish locations, attribute meaning, and convey sensations and specific images – as for instance horizon, borders, objects, landscape. Although our experiences and thoughts affect what we perceive individually, in the context of performance, there is also a common and immediate experience. How do we determine what is present? To what extent is presence relative to the materiality of things?

I am interested in a very literal sense in questioning and experiencing things and actions as modes of presence. My research will focus on articulations between two elements: the first is plane surfaces – hard (i.e. wooden boards) or soft (material, carpets…) my interest lies mainly in the fact that they can be handled, moved, pivoted ; the second is lines – as architectural elements, traces and writing.

Some points of attention:
– To question knowledge versus experience and materiality
– Counter-effective actions as a basic principle directing movement, duration and composition.