“Don’t Sit Down Cause I moved your Chair”

The creation of a trilogy where there wasn’t one. Our project proposes to link two movies, a comedy for children in the 80s (Adventures in Babysitting, 1987, Chris Columbus) and a drama from the 90s (Leaving Las Vegas, 1995, Mike Figgis) by inserting a sequel/prequel in which the main character of the two existing movies find herself studying Art in Paris.


“Charlotte York Sera présente”, a performance

We must tell you Charlotte’s story. In time all will be revealed but how do you tell someone’s life when it is happening? Movies seem to encapsulate a defined moment with a beginning and an end. What happens after the title sequence has ended? Have you noticed films don’t announce END or FIN anymore? Where do the characters go after we leave our seats or close the computer?
I saw a comedy movie as a teenager and fell in love with the main character. As a college student I saw the same actress in a painful indie drama. I also fell in love with her. I concluded she must be the same person who just grew older, just as I did. For a long time I could hardly differentiate the fiction to the possible reality. I finally found her and she will come on the 12 Oct 2013 to tell you the story herself.
Charlotte York Sera Presents, a performance by åbäke and Tania Isabel Garduño Israde in an environment created by Olivier Belleflamme, Francesco Sarao and Loraine Furter.

Artists in residence in the frame of THEMATICS: “Author / Authority”

Åbäke is a transdisciplinary graphic design collective, founded in 2000 by Patrick Lacey (UK), Benjamin Reichen (FR), Kajsa Ståhl (SE) and Maki Suzuki (FR) in London, England, after meeting at the Royal College of Art.
Much of their work concentrates on the social aspect of design and the strength that collaboration can bring to a project. Events often involve film, dancing, eating and cooking and teaching.


Photo: ©Yves Druillet – “Pocahontas, åbäke 2012″