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Collective was form in 2010 by the dancers Elodie Morard, Shosha van Kranendonk and Teresa Noronha Feio. The members Teresa and Elodie created Absurd is divine  and Ground Floor  and have been performing in festivals in Holland, Portugal, France and UK.
The collective started its most recent project D-MANIFESTO in 2012: It has been presented in different theaters Monty theatre, Antwerp; STUK, Leuven; Brussels and in Teatro delle arti, Cecchi Point. It is still under development with the support of STUK Cultural Centre Leuven, Domein Dommelhof, Dancentrum Jette, Officina Caos and Hub Cecchi Point Torino.


LeShe Collective is the lifelong project where lay the hearts and minds of Elodie Morard, Shosha van Kranendonk and Teresa Noronha Feio. Since 2010 they gather together: three woman from three countries, to collect gained knowledge and life experiences for the evolution of the collective. D-MANIFESTO is a project where the three young dancers investigate a model for ‘togetherness’ as an evolution to the structure of our society. This project is a physical research related to the power of mass movement, manipulation and propaganda. It is a dance about and for the people.

There is a constant exchange between political/philosophical questions and physical research. There is all the time an exchange between the street experience and the studio research. Allowing to be influence by each cities dynamics and peoples.